Outsourcing for Accountants

Through outsourcing your payroll or construction industry scheme service to us we will help you gain more time to concentrate on your core business.

We can provide a payroll service for your clients, who require payroll through your firm or we can deal direct if preferred.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve on profits we have the solution for both accountants and their clients. The Payroll & Tax Accountants Ltd for Accountants makes it easy. Our process is flexible, and designed to help you meet the payroll needs of your business clients.

We offer an excellent, professional and confidential payroll service which we can provide to accountants in respect of their clients. There are two options for accountancy firms.

  1. We can provide a payroll service for your clients who require it through you. You act as online payroll agent and assign PATA as an approved user under your agency reference with HMRC, which allows us to file all the relevant information online, while you can monitor the data flow.  All reports will be sent to your personal client area on a secure server.
  2. We act as payroll agents for your clients directly filing all the forms online and deal with any calls the client may have.  This option frees you completely from any online time in payroll administration.

As part of our service we file all year-end returns, P45s & P46s online to HM Revenue & Customs. Our year-end process includes preparing the P35, validating all input data, filing online and distributing copies of the P35, P14s & P60s to clients. All our work is tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Both options mean that you and your client will gain valuable time which traditional form filling and the inevitable postal system often resulted in delays.

Whichever option you choose, we will provide a comprehensive & personal payroll service. From calculation of the pay through to the dispatch of payroll reports, including detailed P32s showing the payments due to HM Revenue & Customs, & pay-slips (direct to your clients’ employees if required).
We will give a discount on our fees and we firmly believe you will impressed by our services.

CIS – Construction Industry Scheme
We also provide a comprehensive service on the new CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). The service, which is mainly online, includes registration of contractors, verification of subcontractors, issue of the Monthly Payment & Deduction Statements & submission of Monthly Returns to HM Revenue & Customs. There is a fixed fee for much of this work. More details